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There is a new brand of DVRs in town! These DVRs bring an instant remote viewing
technology called “CloudSEE”. This new technology allows users to watch their cameras in an
instant by just connecting the DVR system to an internet enabled Ethernet cable. They created
a way to slip past firewalls and static routing and allow users to view their cameras without
changing any settings. Wow! These DVRs have been around for short awhile in
Europe and Asia, and now they are here in America.

Jovision Technology Group is the company who manufactures these DVRs. The DVRs come in
4 Channel, 8 Channel and 16 Channel models. Using BNC connectors for video input, pretty much
any CCTV cameracan connect to the Jovision DVRs. Also the Jovision DVRs come with a remote
control (something all men love!), a USB mouse, 2x USB connections for photo and video backup
and standard Ethernet, RS-485, etc.

Jovision is based in Asia, but they have recently opened an US branch to make sales and
service easier in the United States. The US Branch opened in February 2012. Only being open for
a few months,DVRs are flying off the shelves. Nearly every CCTV company in the US are testing
out the Jovision DVRs. Probably in the near future the Jovision DVRs will become a staple for
small to medium CCTV installations.

If you are a CCTV installer or thinking about hooking up a system in your house, it might
be a good idea to get a Jovision DVR. Most internet providers charge up to $80 per month for a
Static IP address which is needed in every DVR system, except for Jovision DVRs. Jovision DVRs
will never need to use a Static IP address. Not paying for a Static IP address will pay for the
Jovision DVR in a few months. Why not? What’s to lose?

To find out more info on Jovision DVRs, or the purchase one, contact Jovision USA.
Their information is below.

Jovision Technology USA, Inc.
5695 Oakbrook Pkwy Suite C
Norcross, GA 30093
Office: (770) 448-3780
Email: Info@Jovision-usa.com
Website: www.Jovision-usa.com