JVS-C301 720P CloudSee USB DVR
JVS-C301 720P CloudSee USB DVR
JVS-C301 720P CloudSee USB DVR
Item#: JVS-C301
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Product Description
JVS-C301 released by Jovision is the first real time and high definition (Resolution 1280×720) USB DVR
in the world. This model product does not only have fashionable appearance but also have high definition,
great continuity, high stability and high connectivity rate and other characteristics. The JVS-C301 USB DVR
adopts the USB port for data transmission which is very convenient for user to install and operate. Due to
CloudSEE plug &play technology, this DVR becomes high quality product and it has Plug&Play function, compact
design, easy connection, no need disassembly, no need for power adapter, Plugging with electric power, etc.
Compatible to various laptop or PC with USB 2.0 interface, Jovision JVS-C301 USB DVR becomes a mobile
Audio&Video processing platform which is especially suitable for surveillance of home, shop, office, outdoor
usage and small working environment, etc. Besides this model DVR adopts CloudSEE network transmission technology
to realize plug & play. So it has obvious advantages in remote viewing, software, network transmission and
system management, etc. If it is matched with 960H camera, the video capture field will be enlarged more than
30% and let operator has revolutionary video morning experience.

Product Specification

Video input: 4/8 Audio input: 4 Video standard: PAL/NTSC Previewing resolution: PAL: 1280×720/960×576 /704×576    NTSC: 1280×720/960×480 /640×480 Playback resolution: PAL: 960×576 /704×576    NTSC: 960×480 /640×480 Previewing fps: PAL: 25fps/NTSC: 30fps Playback fps: PAL: 25fps/NTSC: 30fps Video compression: H.264 Audio compression: AMR Compression bit rate: 16K~2Mps adjustable Sampling capability: 10bit Power consumption: <3W Video interface: BNC Audio interface: BNC USB DVR Interface: USB


1. The Max previewing resolution is 1280*720; recording resolution is 960*576. Matched with our latest developed video processing algorithms, picture quality can be increased greatly. At least 200TVL can be added and the 960H camera’s performance is completely displayed. 2. Due to, the latest coding &encoding technology, the compression rate and playback resolution are increased greatly. It not only reduce requirement on computer but also extricate video playing from plug-in. 3. Recording files in MP4 format, easy to be played. 4. It authentically realizes real time picture’s previewing and playback. 5. It supports arbitrarily switching from 4ch to 8ch and let operator cope situation flexibly. 6. The CloudSEE technology makes one-key for remote previewing and Plug&Play. 7. Supports Streaming Media output synchronously of all channels 8. Adopts USB 2.0 interface and realizes Plug & Play. Compatible to various PC. 9. With dual stream function, keep good quality of both previewing and remote transmission. 10. PAL and NTSC switchable through software. 11. With functions of Privacy Masking, Motion Detection, E-mail alert, etc.