JVS-C960E 8 Ch PCI-E Cloudsee DVR Video Capture Card
JVS-C960E 8 Ch PCI-E Cloudsee DVR Video Capture Card
JVS-C960E 8 Ch PCI-E Cloudsee DVR Video Capture Card
Item#: JVS-C960E
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Product Description
Cooperating with the launching of Effio camera chipset by SONY, Jovision develops the WD1, real time CloudSEE DVR card C JVS-C960 based on the Jovision patented JV9900 Video & Audio processing chipset. The previewing and compression resolution of JVS-C960 is 960*576 (normal D1 is 704*576). Compared with the traditional D1 compared DVR card, the images of JVS-C960 are clearer and smoother, and the color of images is more real. In addition, JVS-C960 DVR cards have better compatibility, lower power consumption and better stability due to applying Jovision patented JV9900 chipset. Because JVS-C960 uses PCI-E slot whose transmission speed of video and audio is fourth times that of PCI, JVS-C960 can support 64 channels previewing and compression simultaneously. Furthermore, JVS-C960 adopts the hybrid DVR technology which combines host-end software and client-end software together, and lets users feel more convenient and hold surveillance fully.
as high-end products.

Video Input: 8ch
Audio Input: 8ch
Video Standard: PAL/NTSC
Video Compression Standard: H.264
Previewing Resolution: WD1/WCIF
Compression Resolution: WD1/WCIF
Frame Rate: 25FPS/30FPS
Compression Rate: 16K2Mbps adjustable
Consumption: Less than 3W
Slot: PCI-E
Resolution: WD1 (960*576); WCIF (480*288)


Functions and Features
Mobile Phone Viewing
>>Support mobile phone viewing including iPhone, JAVA, Android version, etc
Dual Stream
>> Code rate of recording and network transmission are different to keep the best recording quality and transmission performance
>> Software with Graphical User Interface (GUI)
>> Multiple View Modes optional: Full screen, Multi-channel, Channel Sequencing, Quad Sequencing
>> Up to 64 channels simultaneous display and recording at CIF resolution
>> Automatic night mode view for better image quality under low light condition
>> Removal of image dark edges is supported
>> Privacy Masking can protect privacy information on video images
>> On Screen Display (OSD) content and location adjustable
>> E-Map with video view available for corresponding spot
>> Operation log and system information can be checked
>> One-click snapshot, intelligent search and view in “Snapshot Manager”
>> Compression rate optional: 60MB/H, 120MB/H, 250MB/H
Motion Detection
>> Motion Detection sensitivity adjustable
>> Motion Detection area can be freely defined
>> Continuous, Scheduled, Motion-triggered and Alarm-triggered Recording
>> Support recording at client end
>> Control of host-end recording by client end
>> Motion triggered alarm, alarm input detection
>> Alarm preset available, alarm module output, sound card alarm
>> Jovision alarm input / output module integration supported
>> Time line search, File list search
>> Remote playback at client end is supported
>> Download recorded files to client end for playback
PTZ Control
>> Multiple protocols are supported
>> PTZ control buttons exchangeable
>> Support speed dome automatic patrol along presets
>> PTZ remote control at client end
>> Directs PTZ dome to a preset upon motion or alarm detection
>> Remote access via Domain / IP or CloudSEE Solution
>> IE Control remote monitoring is supported
User Authority
>> Host-end user and client-end rights selectable
Voice Communication
>> Two-way voice communication between host-end and client-end